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Shkabaj gypi

(Shqip) Fshati ,,Shkabaj,, në Prishtinë edhe gjatë ditës së sotme mbetet pa ujë të pijshëm, për arsye të tjera

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nderpre uji

Village Shkabaj will be left without drinking water until tomorrow at 18:00

Prishtina, 2 November  – RWC “Prishtina” j.s.c. informs customers of Shkabaj village that today starting from 17:00 until tomorrow at 18:00 will remain without drinking water. The reason for disruption of drinking water supply is a technical intervention by the water supply network maintenance teams in “Gjergj Balsha” street in...

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The Municipality of Shtime and the Management of RWC “Prishtina” coordinate concrete development plans

Shtime, 1 November – Deputy Chief of Regional Water Company, Prishtina, j.s.c. Kujtim Xhelili, the Chief Financial Officer Sokol Duraku and Administration Manager Islam Caka, met today with the mayor of Municipality of Shtime, Naim Ismajli and other representatives of the municipality. During this meeting it was discussed about the...


(Shqip) Zvogëlohet prodhimi i ujit nga fabrika e Badocit,

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(Shqip) Punime teknike në fshatin ,,Hajvali,, disa zona nesër mbesin pa ujë të pijshëm,

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. Notice to customers

(Shqip) Njoftim për konsumatorë,Sorry, this entry is only available in Serbian and Shqip.
Important notification from the Customer Department of RWC “Prishtina” j.s.c. Prishtina 17 July RWC "Prishtina" j.s.c. / The Customer Department informs again all customers in the city of Prishtina that, starting from 18 July 2018 until 1 September 2018, has extended the working time for additional 2 hours at cash points. Thus, working hours in the customer department from Monday to Friday will be from 08-18 (10 hours total), and on Saturday, 09-16 hours (7 hours in total). The reason for extending working hours in this department is to provide quality services to our people from Diaspora while they are vacating in the Republic of Kosovo.
(Shqip) Nesër do të ndërprehet furnizimi me ujë të pijshëm në dy zona të Prishtinës,Sorry, this entry is only available in Serbian and Shqip.
Works foreseen at Pumping Station Kroni, water supply restrictions for several hours in a part of Fushe Kosova and some villages. Prishtinë, 16 November 2017 –  Regional Water Company ”Prishtina” j.s.c., notifies customers that tomorrow, on the date 17.11.2017 there will be developments of planned works at the Pumping Station Kroni, respectively a cleaning process of water reservoirs will take place. Therefore, customers that are supplied from this Pumping Station will have water interruptions tomorrow from 08:00 to 18:00 hrs. The affected supplying zone is a part of Fushe Kosova, Bresje, Kuzmin and Vragoli. RWC “Prishtina” j.s.c. is committed to a constant improvement of its services.
(Shqip) Të nderuar konsumatorë të KRU "Prishtina" sh.aSorry, this entry is only available in Serbian and Shqip.