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The Fifth Balkans Joint Conference and Exhibition “Wastewater Challenge”.

Prishtinë, 3 November – SHUKOS and SHUKALB organized Balkans Joint Conference and Exhibition “Wastewater Challenge”. This joint Conference is organized in Prishtine during the period 1 – 3 November at Emerald Hotel. The Conference brought to attention the many challenges faced by the water sector, the challenges and management of...


The first initial meeting for drafting the drought management plan

Prishtine 3 October – In the meeting were present: Technical Director to RWC “Prishtina” j.s.c., Inter-ministerial Water Council, Ame, IHMK and IKSHPK....

Kurban Bajramit

Regional Water Company “Prishtina” j.s.c., congratulates to all the Islamic religious people feast of Eid-al-addha.

Eid-al-addha is one of the most remarkable feast on Islamic world which marks the end of pilgrimage considered as a process of peace, obedience and sacrifice....


Only 16 days until the expiration of the deadline for using the Law on Forgiveness of Public Debt

Prishtinë, 15 August – Regional Water Company ”Prishtina” j.s.c., appeals to all customers who are entitled to debt forgiveness to exercise this right as soon as possible, because only few days left until the date when there will not be applicable Law on Forgiveness of Public Debt (1 September 2017)....


Joint meeting held between RWC “Prishtina” j.s.c., US Embassy representatives and representatives of KSF

Prishtine 2 August– Chief Executive Ilir Abdullahu together with Technical Director Sokol Xhafa, hosted in a meeting Nickolas Stidham with his collaborators from US Embassy from the group USA with Kosovo and Major Isak Demiri with collaborators from KSF. This program is about raising the awareness to citizens – high...

. Notice to customers

Works foreseen at Pumping Station Kroni, water supply restrictions for several hours in a part of Fushe Kosova and some villages. Prishtinë, 16 November 2017 –  Regional Water Company ”Prishtina” j.s.c., notifies customers that tomorrow, on the date 17.11.2017 there will be developments of planned works at the Pumping Station Kroni, respectively a cleaning process of water reservoirs will take place. Therefore, customers that are supplied from this Pumping Station will have water interruptions tomorrow from 08:00 to 18:00 hrs. The affected supplying zone is a part of Fushe Kosova, Bresje, Kuzmin and Vragoli. RWC “Prishtina” j.s.c. is committed to a constant improvement of its services.
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Technical woks at Str.”Idriz Gjilani”, interruption of drinking water supply in Dardania quarter Prishtine, 22 August – Regional Water Company ”Prishtina”j.s.c., informs customers of Dardania quarter, respectively inhabitants at collective inhabitation buildings close to the primary school “Xhemail Mustafa” (area from the place called “Kurrizi”, up to underpass), that due to technical works to be done today 22nd August 2017, at Str.”Idriz Gjilani”, there will be water supply interruption from 09:00 to 16:00 h. RWC “Prishtina” j.s.c., is committed to improve its services. We ask for understanding from all customers o the above mentioned zone.
Call for rational use of the drinking waterPrishtinë, 30 June – Dear customers of the service zone of RWC “Prishtina” j.s.c., providing  water supply services, despite high temperatures in the last days in our country, we are trying to do our utmost efforts to produce and supply drinking water in the maximum capacities. Having into consideration new investments, additional treatment capacities, we could have a sustainable water supply for 24 hours to our customers.
Technical works at Str.”Rexhep Mala” water restrictions to several quarters on SaturdayPrishtinë, 15 June – Regional Water Company “Prishtina” j.s.c., informs all customers that on Saturday there will be technical works at Str.”Rexhep Mala” where connections to the new transmission Fi-450 mm will be carried out. Due to these works, there will be restrictions of water supply on Saturday from 04:00 to 19:00 hrs in the following areas: Str.”Agim Ramadani, Ulpiana quarter, Muhagjeret quarter, Dardania (objects located close to the Post office and District Heating “Termokos”) and a part of the Hospital area.